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  • Breaking with Convention

    Breaking with Convention

    Danish artists Frederik Nystrup-Larsen and Oliver Sundqvist discuss their collaborative process, the role of intuition in their work, and how one determines the value of art.

  • Resonant Space

    Resonant Space

    Visiting Lee Ufan’s Paris studio in the ninth arrondissement.

  • Summer Playlist 2019

    Summer Playlist 2019

    Our latest selection of songs to audibly accompany the summer season.

  • Modern Archive

    Modern Archive

    Francis Gallery’s inaugural show at its permanent location in Bath, UK, in the ground floor of a restored Grade II listed Georgian townhouse. Featuring works by multidisciplinary artist Romy Northover, studio potter Yoon-Young Hur, and photographer Matthew Johnson.

  • Space Within the Colour

    Space Within the Colour

    A visit to the New York studio of abstract artist Stanley Whitney, to discuss his decades-long process of elimination that led to the discovery of his artistic voice.

  • Material and Form

    Material and Form

    An insight into Rich Stapleton’s artistic residency at Numeroventi, Florence, and the ensuing photographic exhibition, FORMA – an exploration of the relationship between material and sculptural form, through the medium of photography.

  • Spring Playlist 2019

    Spring Playlist 2019

    Our latest selection of songs to audibly accompany the spring season.

  • A Sense of Belonging

    A Sense of Belonging

    The inaugural show of MASA Gallery, a collective of designers, collectors and curators based in Mexico City. The show, titled Collective/Collectible, is exhibited in an abandoned 1970s mansion in the city.

  • Villa Carmignac

    Villa Carmignac

    Exploring the secluded art gallery Villa Carmignac, set on the forested isle of Porquerolles, off the southern coast of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

  • Winter Playlist 2018

    Winter Playlist 2018

    Our collection of songs to audibly accompany the winter season.

  • Kettle’s Yard

    Kettle’s Yard

    Exploring the art collection and former home of Jim Ede in Cambridge, England.

  • Autumn Playlist 2018
  • The Photographic Object

    The Photographic Object

    A conversation with collector, art dealer and historian James Hyman, to discuss an exhibition of his photographic collection at the Hepworth Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England.

  • Natural Forms

    Natural Forms

    Exploring Francis Gallery’s pop-up show at 99 Crawford St, Marylebone, London; exhibiting works by sculptor Mari-Ruth Oda, painter Spencer Fung, and ceramicist Kim Sang-In.

  • Permanent Space

    Permanent Space

    Exploring Donald Judd’s architecture in Marfa, West Texas, with his daughter Rainer Judd, custodian of the Judd Foundation.

  • Francis Gallery

    Francis Gallery

    Announcing the launch in London.

  • Language of Aesthetics

    Language of Aesthetics

    Romy Northover’s sculpture at Silent Living’s Casa no Tempo in Alentejo, Portugal.

  • Summer Playlist 2018

    Summer Playlist 2018

    Our collection of songs to accompany the summer season.

  • Tippet Rise

    Tippet Rise

    Exploring the colossal sculpture park in Montana, where 4,500 hectares of land host eight sculptures of concrete and earth, each commanding their own section of the landscape.

  • Reflections of the Moon

    Reflections of the Moon

    A visit to the Seoul studio of Young Sook Park to discuss the process of creating her moon jars.

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