Documentation and Tutorials for Cereals Wordpress Admin

A guide to updating the Cereal website. This documentation includes information about updating menus, creating articles, editing categories and more.

Categories and Tags

Categories and tags are used for searching and filtering articles. As well as Categories and Tags, you can also add new Article Years which is a special type of tag specifically used to filter by article years.

Steps for creating a new categories or tags

  1. In the admin sidebar area, navigate to 'Articles' and hover over it.
  2. This will display a secondary menu.
  3. Click into either Categories, Tags or Article Years.
  4. Enter a name and slug for the new category,tag or year. Generally, the slug will be the same as the name but only lowercase letters and numbers.
  5. For Categories, the Parent Category and Description are not needed.
  6. Finish by clicking on 'Add New Category' button.

Editing Menus

For this site, there are several menus that are used in areas such as the Header, Search Pop Up and Footer.

Steps to edit menus:

  1. In the admin sidebar area, hover over 'Appearance'.
  2. This will display a secondary menu.
  3. Click into 'Menus'.
  4. At the top you will see a dropdown menu with all the menus for the site. Choose one of these and click 'Select'.
  5. You can edit a menu by adding items via the 'Add menu items' area or reorder the current items in 'Menu Structure' by dragging them into a new position.
  6. Each menu needs to have a 'Display Location' set. These display locations have already been preset in the code and will not need to be changed.
  7. Once you are done editing, click 'Save Menu'.

Once a menu has been edited, you will need to redeploy the sites Front End. Read more about deployment


Creating a new article

Steps for creating a new article

  1. In the admin area, navigate to 'Articles'.
  2. Click 'Add New' button.
  3. The first field is the title for the article. Enter a title here.
  4. Fill in all fields appropriate for the article.
  5. When finished adding content, click on the 'Publish' button.

Once a new article has been published, you will need to redeploy the sites Front End. Read more about deployment

Footer Settings

You can edit the text that displays in the footer.

Steps to edit footer:

  1. In the admin sidebar, hover over 'Theme Settings'.
  2. Click Footer.
  3. Here you will see a textbox where you can edit the text that displays in the footer area.
  4. It's possible to edit as plain text or HTML. To toggle between, click either the 'Visual' or 'Text' tabs.
  5. To edit the Footer Menu, see instructions for editing menus


Unlike the usual Wordpress process of updating the website's frontend where changes are reflected instantaneously, a headless website requires a redeployment with change to any content. This includes changes to a post, page, menu or any frontend content.

With the current setup, there is a limit of 100 deployments per day. In order to avoid going over the limit, we have installed a plugin that allows us to bundle all changes to the website and count it as a single deployment when the "deploy" button is pressed.

The deploy button can be found on the left hand admin sidebar in Wordpress. Select the "Deploy" tab and then click "Build Site".